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September 24, 2007



Stumbled onto this page looking up the word "pampooties" from the book The Road. Thank you for your information on this page because I was beginning to feel like I didnt know very many words since I too had to look up so many from this book, many of which are not in my Oxford mini dictionary. Like anything else things are easy if you know it. Thanks again. Margaret from Morecambe, England


Thanks for this info. I, also, was so intrigued by Mr. McCarthy's obscure words & am happy to find this source of info.

Kyle N.

crozzled - burnt or blackened around the edges, for example the edges of cooked bacon or potato chips. Northern English dialect.

Thanks for this page!

P.S. To the Israeli MD: I think Lya is a fitting name.


Parsible (adj.) - easier to deal with; feasible

Gambreled (n.) - hock of an animal; wood or metal device used to suspend a carcass


Thanks for the useful post. I read a LOT of books and unlike Lya think that some words are most unusual, not to mention his sentence construction.

The fact that some words are not to be found in standard English dictionaries is testament to this fact.

So good for you Lya if you spend your Saturday nights holed up reading unconventional dictionaries.

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