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September 24, 2007



'Crozzled' is when something is burnt around the edges, so effectively blackened and singed, but it still retains some original colour in the centre.


All of these words are perfectly cromulent.

Janet Konig

Salitter is German for saltpeter = sodium nitrate. Crozzled means burnt around the edges.

Angela Leddy

patterans: Gipsy Marks.-When gipsies travel, the party that goes in advance leaves marks at cross-roads, in order to guide those who follow. These marks are called "patterans."
http://galton.org The Art of Travel by Francis Galton

crozzled: crozzled hearts; Slightly burnt, usually where just the edges have been burned to a crispy exterior. Urbandictionary.com

stoven:broken in and smashed. Websters Third International Dictionary

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